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Executives and staff:

CEO, CFO/Operations Chief, 1 finance/Operations dept employees, 2 Executive support staff.  

Total of 2 Executives @ $100,000 each, and 3 staff @ $30,000, all for full time 6 months: $300,000.

Televised Production costs: $2,000,000

Event Production costs for Awards Ceremony: $1,000,000

Marketing media expert contract: $850,000

Other consulting: $500,000


Total Executives, support staff, and Production costs: $4,650,000


Total proposed cost of DAA Awards: $5,000,000

The DAA Judge Panels

The Judges will be chosen by academic experts in each field.  They will represent the most luminary art experts and critics in their fields – selected from museums and arts institutions and from published art critics. 


There will be a 3-judge panel for the Painting and for the Sculpture categories, and a 2-judge panel for each of the remaining 5 categories.


A total of 16 judges will decide the prize recipients. Input from the pub

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