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Expected Revenue Generated:
Conservatively $8,000,000 – $30,000,000

Broadcast/Ad revenues from national awards shows:

  • The Grammys: 

  • “the January 2021 broadcast generated $67.6 million, even against sharply lower viewership, according to Standard Media Index. Pandemic-related disruptions led to a scaled-down show, …..  “

    • “the average unit ad pricing (equivalized 30-second commercial) in the Grammy show grew 4% to $866,100 versus the year before.”  (Television News Daily; January 7, 2022) 


  • The Academy Awards: 

  • “From spending and revenue to historic stats, here’s a breakdown of the numbers behind the 2021 Academy Awards:

    • “$129 Million-plus: ABC is projected to make a lot in ad revenue this Oscar Sunday.

    • “$40 Million-plus: The total cost of this year’s ceremony. 

    • “23.6 Million: This is how many viewers tuned in to the show in 2020, which was down 20% from 2019.

    • “$2 Million: This is the cost of a 30-second commercial during the Oscars telecast (64% less than the Super Bowl).”   (Forbes/Business; by Dana Feldman, Apr 19, 2021.)


Target Investment: $5,000,000

 To launch this Awards concept, Mr. Kemp is looking for a few investors to become the founding members of the DAA Founders Circle (“Founders”).  The Founders will remain deeply involved in the development and evolution of the concepts supporting the DAA, and will act as the Founders Advisory Board for the duration of their support.  


The Advisory Board will work with Mr. Kemp and DAA officers to develop financial support, arts community contacts, a top-level media profile and a strategic plan for bringing the DAA into existence.


Mr. Kemp is currently interviewing prospective Founders to investigate and explore further the concepts, opportunities and plans for developing the Diamond Arts Awards.

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