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Marketing and Roll Out of the Awards

The DAA concept will start on a regional/national level.  The Launch Announcement will convey the concept and categories of the DAAs, and will announce submission centers that will receive submittals from artists in 5 regions throughout the US.  The Judge Panels will review each of the collections of submittals in those regions and select those works and artists that will be elevated to the national level Awards.


The culmination of the selection and evaluation process will be a televised awards ceremony similar to the Academy Awards, the Tony Awards, the National Endowment for the Arts Programs and the National Medal of Arts Awards. 



The Roll Out will be conducted by a contracted media team who will assemble a plan for contacting regional and national media and arts institutions, and then roll out a plan for DAA staff to reach identified artists invited to submit works, identified experts invited to become DAA Judges and an ongoing media campaign for launching and building visibility for this new Arts award concept.


Each region will have a local committee of 3 judges that will screen and assess the awards submissions.  They will be supported by local DAA staff members who will identify and invite regional art experts to be Judges for the DAA and will reach out to the regional arts communities to make them aware of the Awards and identify working artists that should be invited to submit works for consideration.

Award Catagories

The DAA will award prizes in the prospective following fields: (Final categories TBD)


  • Painting – Folk Art, Art Brute, Abstract, Impressionism, Realism, Contemporary, Pop Art 

  • Drawing  

  • Conceptual art   

  • Photography 

  • Printmaking Digital art

  • Live Performance

  • Sculpture – Relief, Freestanding, Assembled, and Cast


Within each of these categories there will be awards for: 

1) Artistic expressive achievement

2) Achievement in craft and 

3) nurturing, supporting, and lifting up the artist community in that category

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