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Our mission is to recognize, honor, and celebrate living artists through their work - the struggles, the victories, the brilliant achievements that offer richness and meaning to our lives.  

We seek to bring the global arts audience face-to-face with the genius of living artists; our champions of culture. 

To awaken the world to the heart and soul of those artists that seek to reveal some part of the human condition, the human experience, and even the ultimate human question: why are we here on planet Earth?



The DAA is a version of awards shows already established in other art fields - the Academy Awards, the Tony Awards, the Grammys, and others.  The goal is to create a broadcast show that will generate advertising revenue and broadcast revenue, while honoring artists and engaging the public in three fields of the visual arts that do not have a national level of prestigious recognition: 

1) Painting/Visual Arts, 2) Live Performance and 3) Sculpture.


The project has a star-studded Board of Directors that includes luminaries from fashion, film and the arts.These luminaries will provide their expertise and vision to help develop the elements required for a highly successful awards show.  


The show will feature an assembled collection of artworks that are the pinnacle of achievement in each field, and a description of the successes and challenges each artist has experienced. One of these featured artists in each field will win the coveted title of a DAA Award Winner during the broadcast.  The production will also reveal the excitement and conceptual intrigue of “live performance art” brought to the public in stage performances like those at the Grammys and the Oscars.  

Through this recognition, the DAA will seek to inspire imagination and creativity for the artist in all of us, as they highlight the peak of excellence in these fields of the Arts. 

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