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The DAA is conceived by Los Angeles artist and community activist/”artivism” Anthony Eve Kemp. He is a renowned self-taught artist that has mounted shows at museums and galleries in Los Angeles, Michigan and other US and European cities.  Mr. Kemp founded the SparkArt Projects, Inc. non-profit collaborative, which will serve as the corporate umbrella for this Project.

"Activism is what we do for the community, Artivisum is what we do for artists in the world."
Anthony Eve Kemp

Mr Kemp has enjoyed exhibits of his work at galleries and museums including:


CAAM California African American Museum – Exposition Park, Los Angeles, CA. 


M. Hanks Gallery – Santa Monica, CA.  The Broad Museum states: “Eric Hanks was one of the leading representatives of Black artists …”  


Signed with Patrick Painter Gallery - Bergamot Station, Los Angeles, CA. “The gallerist, Patrick Painter, is known for his ability to acquire upcoming big names before the great museums.”

Art historian, author and Getty Professor John Onians: an art historian at the University of East Anglia, England. Professor Onians chose Mr. Kemp as the subject of his book “Neuro Art History.”  .

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